GC Partners Limited

“Your Global Capital Partner”

Corporate Finance & Advisory, International Trade & Development,
and Investor Relations

Est. 1989

“Leaders in Cross Border Corporate Finance, Advisory, International Trade & Development, and Investor Relations Solutions”
“Helping our clients achieve their Vision by opening the window to the key participants in supply chains based in the key mining, production, technology, manufacturing, product trading, and investment & finance centres internationally”.

GC Partners is equipped to provide our expert resources to
assist you in building recognition of the unique
features of your business operations with the
objective of securing and retaining the
best strategic, financial, investment
and business partners.”

GC Partners executes transactions & business agreements working closely with our clients:

  • GC Partners offers decades of experience with international capital markets, and sales & marketing, with a focus on project finance, private placements, initial public offerings, trading of debt securities and their derivatives, and a range of corporate advisory services
  • GC Partners provides ready access to the key manufacturing, production, product trading, technology, distribution and investment & finance centres internationally – in Japan, mainland China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as the UK, Europe and North America
  • GC Partners is driven by success.

Indispensable for Clients Seeking Access to International Strategic Partners

  • GC Partners provides access to a broad range of strategic corporate, investment, finance and technology partners actively participating in the relevant supply chains based in the key international mining, production, manufacturing, product trading, and investment & finance centres
  • GC Partners’ access includes corporations, banks, funds, family offices, policy institutions, policy and commercial banks, and sources of government assistance
  • GC Partners’ access is structured and packaged with cognizance of the specific culture targeted and with the relevant transaction management experience, skills and knowledge to close agreement and transactions
  • GC Partners’ ability to offer a geographically broad service saves our clients’ splitting the potential partner search and the transaction management.

High Level of Service

  • GC Partners act for a small number of high value clients at any one time. In addition, GC Partners’ rigid policy is not to engage with any company that is seen to compete with another client, except where there are synergies that drive this contact
  • GC Partners maintains independence and a very high level of service, a level of service we believe is mandatory for successful outcomes and exceptional value for its clients
  • GC Partners has a deep loyalty and commitment to providing the best Corporate Finance and Corporate Advisory Services to GC Partners’ clients and demands consistently high standards of communication
  • GC Partners offers both a broad and exceptional quality in client deliverables, combined with strong company ethics, and a code of outstanding corporate social responsibility
  • GC Partners promotes good corporate citizenship with a key focus on building long term trust with its clients.

Business Intelligence and Proprietary Research

  • GC Partners undertake detailed proprietary and individual research focused on each client, the commodity and the client’s project
  • GC Partners’ research is exhaustive using all identifiable resources to understand the market nuances, and the key market participants. This will include review of competitor websites, company databases, abstracts, articles, B2B websites, authored narratives, as well as collaboration with relevant information service providers
  • GC Partners does not stop with the first record that appears to give an “answer.” We search for additional records to ensure the result is thorough
  • GC Partners’ process is ongoing throughout the engagement with subscriptions to relevant newsletters to ensure we are kept up to date with key industry and competitor releases
  • GC Partners’ industry, market and competition research is used to construct both a supply and value chain, and then identify and short list potential partners
  • This is the precursor to GC Partners contacting, meeting, discussing and securing high quality and suitable business and financial partners.

Unlike Many Other Corporate Advisory Firms

  • GC Partners brings over thirty years of visible and documented experience to our clients. This experience includes equity capital markets, corporate finance with a focus on project finance, private placements, initial public offerings, trading of debt securities and their derivatives, and a range of corporate advisory services
  • GC Partners’ transaction process not only requires experience and commitment, but a huge amount of GC Partners’ management and staff effort on a daily basis, utilising disciplined, fully documented and sustainable transaction processes
  • GC Partners works closely with the individual client’s executive management playing an important role with our client in their project’s development
  • GC Partners’ services add considerable value to our client and their key stakeholders.