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GCP has worked with a large variety of companies including producers of gold, iron ore and tin, and clients with advanced development projects in gold and battery minerals including graphite, HPA, copper, zinc, and nickel, as well clients with phosphate & potash, iron ore, iron sands, kaolin, mineral sands and oil & gas projects.

We have worked in the battery minerals markets since 2015. We believe that the specialised markets for many of the critical minerals are well suited for GC Partners’ skill set. The market participants in these minerals are often less well known to the public, clients and other advisory firms. Our experience is gained from our large network of relationships combined with detailed research ensuring that there is a large, qualified audience.

What are Advisory Boards?

Advisory Boards provide the strategic advice and complementary skills required to take small or medium businesses to the next level.

An Advisory Board is an individual, or a select group of “independent” people, who provide advice and support to the owners/shareholders/directors of a business. They are composed of subject matter experts who provide high quality, objective advice to business leaders in areas of strategic importance. They provide non-binding strategic advice to organisations and are informal in nature. This gives greater flexibility in how they are structured and managed, when compared to a board of directors.

Whereas formal boards of directors have legally defined responsibilities, Advisory Boards are not regulated under the Corporations Act or corporate governance codes. Advisory Boards advise. They do not make decisions like a formal board. However, calling a board that has a governance function an ‘advisory board’ will not preclude its members from their legal duties.

Why establish an Advisory Board?

  • An Advisory Board enables the owners or managers of the business to have access to an independent view and/or a “safe” place to discuss issues of major significance. The role of the Advisory Board will evolve over time, but it is useful to document a charter to provide some direction for its members

  • GC Partners Chairman & Managing Director, James Egan, with over 40 years experience across various industries and stages of business development, is available for Advisory Board roles – see his Bio under “Leadership”.