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Est. 1989


  • GC Partners has a long history of Successes starting in 1990. In its first decade of operations, GC Partners focused on the IT&T and healthcare industries closing local and international transactions in the private hospital, healthtech, mobile cellular, Satellite Pay-TV, software services, web development, web hosting, IT distribution and Internet industries. This included direct investments in the healthcare and IT&T industries
  • In 2001, GC Partners opened its first Asian office in Taipei, and in 2002, GC Partners opened its first mainland China office in Chengdu. After opening a further office in Nanjing, and appointing representatives in Shanghai and Beijing, GC Partners moved its headquarters to Beijing in 2005
  • In its second decade, GC Partners made a series of direct investments with a focus on fast growing industries, technology, minerals & metals, completed three IPOs on the London AIM Market, raised funds from institutions, hedge funds and proprietary trading desks for clients, and advised on the successful IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange of a gold development company with assets in Vietnam
  • In GC Partners’ third decade it focused on the minerals & metals markets, healthcare and technology, playing to its strengths with Australia being a major source of raw materials for the international markets, and an advanced healthcare & technology industry, as well as GC Partners’ presence in mainland China, and its strong Asian and global relationships
  • In 2019, GC Partners expanded its presence to the UK, Europe and North America. Australia and the EU’s relationship is of growing importance, as well as 70% of Australians claim European heritage. A quarter of Australia’s inward foreign investment is from the United States, and the EU is one of Australia’s largest two-way investment partners. While Australia has been a net-capital exporter in recent years, foreign investment continues to power its major industries. Foreign direct investment (FDI) has grown by approximately 7% per year over the last decade and has now topped AUD1 trillion.

Minerals & Metals Transaction Highlights
Product Offtake – Mining & Metals – Japan, U.S., South Korea, and mainland China

More Minerals & Metals Transaction Highlights
Transaction & Corporate Advisory Experience – London, mainland China, Laos and Vietnam

Healthcare, HealthTech & Biotech Transaction Highlights
Corporate Advisory & Business Agreements – mainland China, Taiwan and the U.S.

“Capitol Health is a national network of over 60 community based medical imaging practices” 

“Enlitic is a U.S. west coast based artificial intelligence and data management application provider, enabling effective administration, processing, and sharing of medical imaging data throughout the healthcare enterprise”

More Healthcare, HealthTech & Biotech Transaction Highlights
R&D Exchange, Asset Bid, Investment, M&A and fund raising advisory – Australia, U.S., Germany, UK, Hong Kong, and Dubai

“Orthopaedic portal focused on injuries and diseases of the body's musculoskeletal system”

IT&T Transaction Highlights
Corporate Advisory, MBI, M&A, investment, & fund raising – U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore

More IT&T Transaction Highlights
Corporate Advisory, Direct Investment, M&A, Business Agreements, and fund raising – Australia, U.S., Holland, Dubai and Hong Kong

IT&T Transaction Highlights
Corporate Advisory, MBI, M&A, investment, & fund raising – U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore

AIM Admission Transaction Highlights
Corporate Advisory, Pre-IPO & IPO – London, Malaysia and Hong Kong

China Advisory
Corporate Advisory & M&A – mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore