“A leading provider of Cross-Border Corporate Finance,
Corporate Advisory, Transaction & Trading Services, and Investor Relations
with an enviable 34-year track record”.

Est. 1989


  • GC Partners’ business was established in 1989 and is one of the longest established Corporate Finance & Corporate Advisory firms headquartered in the Asian region
  • With offices in London, Hong Kong, and Beijing CBD, GC Partners is located centrally to the major global processing, finance, trade & technology centres, and within a few hours of each of the Asian centres. Our London presence gives us access to the UK and to the key European centres
  • We are an experienced bilingual & cross-cultural team, with staff members offering a combined fifty years of corporate sales and transaction experience, including experience in the key British, North American, European and Asian markets. Where required, translation and interpreting services are also available
  • We provide clear, impartial, transparent, objective and independent advice to our clients. We always respect confidentiality.

Our Clients

  • GC Partners’ clients are seeking a set of complimentary sales & marketing and transaction services not accessible within their organisation to assist with the commercialisation of Projects or Products
  • GC Partners’ clients are companies with assets in Australia, Asia, Africa, the UK, Europe, and North & South America who are seeking cross-border services
  • GC Partners works closely with our mining clients to secure bankable offtake as well as securing sources of capital, including Project Equity & Debt
  • GC Partners’ technology clients seek strategic & financial partners to assist with the implementation of steps in the commercialisation and roll out of technology
  • GC Partners’ services support its clients by securing sources of finance, technology collaboration, establishing distribution networks and customer acquisition.

Investor Relations

  • GC Partners can also assist companies with investor relations solutions to build, grow and raise their corporate profile with potential key international partners
  • Whether you are looking for strategic partners, investors, fund manager introductions, and assistance with Roadshow management, GC Partners will tailor a bespoke solution, delivering it utilising our global access and expertise
  • GC Partners can assist with building brand recognition through direct contact with potential partners, social media, as well as the distribution of Fact Sheets, key ASX releases, and Investor Presentations
  • This can then be followed up with online meetings for client presentations, and Roadshows. GC Partners will access media networks, with the client’s story is clearly articulated to the target audience and channels, combined with a focused press release to elicit the awareness of the key players in individual markets.

Corporate Finance & Advisory

Subject to our client mandate, a thorough search for project and company strategic partners results in the following outcomes:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Offtake Agreements (for Mining & Metals clients)
  • Private Placements
  • Technology and Knowhow Collaboration, as well as Technology Licensing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Project Equity
  • Project Debt
  • Divestment, and Merger & Acquisition Transactions (M&A)
  • IPO Planning, Structuring & Management.

GC Partners’ focus

  • Our focus is on providing personalised services to each client. This unique service offers clients access to the key trading, manufacturing, production and investment & finance centres in Australia, mainland China, Japan, South Korea, SE Asia, the UK, Europe and the USA
  • This reach to the combined Asian, UK, European and American markets is essential in establishing the maximum value to our clients when accessing critical parts of the supply chain of suitable customers, and suitable strategic partners including end users and traders. We consider it to be a unique service offering when compared to others in the corporate finance industry, whose focus is mostly on specific region
  • Our industry expertise includes:
    • Mining & Metals

    • Renewable Energy

    • Technology.

Track Record

  • GC Partners boasts an enviable track record spanning over thirty years
  • Our strong track record, built over various economic & equity cycles since the 1980s, has provided recognition of our expertise, integrity and stability leading to long-term relationships with clients and other corporations
  • We assist with the identification of the best potential partners, and with the regular overview of our clients, we manage international investor relations and execute transactions
  • Compelling outcomes can be achieved utilising the combination of Investor Relations and Corporate Finance & Advisory, allowing targeted and regulated news flow to support the transaction process
  • We are fast, efficient, experienced, and practical providing clearly identifiable added value throughout the lifecycle of our engagement, and concurrently with our client’s development, assisting senior management achieve their vision and mission.

International Trade & Development

  • GC Partners provides assistance to clients who are seeking customers to export their products or services. This can include:
  • GC Partners becoming a client’s exclusive Agent under a formal Agency Agreement
  • For clients who are already exporting, GC Partners can assist in the location of additional customers in the key agreed markets
  • For clients who are seeking to start exports, GC Partners can assist with the preparation of an Export Plan to include:
    • Industry, Market & Competitor Research
    • Product or Service Assessment
    • Prepare an Execution Plan
    • Assistance with understanding the regulatory environment, Free Trade Agreements, licensing, market entry regulations, customs, duties, taxes, government grants, etc
    • Potential customer criteria – company size, credit standing, domicile, minimum volumes
    • Assessment of the client’s servicing capabilities, staffing, banking arrangements, costs & potential volumes
    • Determining pricing parameters (including costs of transport/shipping)
  • In the cases above GC Partners will:
    • Assemble pitch documents including client, and product or service literature and details
    • Identify and approach potential customers
    • Secure customers
  • Where GC Partners identifies agents, sub-agents or distributors, GC Partners can work with the client’s legal team on draft agreements, negotiation support and arranging final document execution.

High Value Sales

  • We believe that conducting high value sales is an art that is learned over many years, an art which ultimately enables GCP to develop high-value sales relationships and outcomes
  • In fact, enterprise sales are a very different proposition to small to medium-sized business and financial transactions. They involve much larger values, involve more risk, more decision-makers, have longer gestation periods and durations, require more research and preparation, require detailed discovery and due diligence, often involve multiple counterparties (e.g., policy institutions & banks, commercial banks, offtake counterparties and key/cornerstone investors)
  • All of these parties have to be “closed”. In the case of a mining transaction, offtake typically needs MOUs, sometimes framework agreements, and then final agreements. There are huge risks in cutting corners in the documentation flow. Finally, a requirement of those counterparties, as well as shareholders, key stakeholders, and boards, are the final (board) approvals
  • A rigorous, disciplined and strong sales process is crucial to navigate transactions successfully.