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Renewable Energy

  • GC Partners is part of the growing and critical recognition and importance of climate change has increased our focus on Renewable Energy and the Critical Minerals that support its growth
  • This has meant that GC Partners has relationships with many of the key users of Critical Minerals used in the Energy Transition. This includes battery developers, producers and end users, as well as the producers of different parts of the renewable energy infrastructure, including wind and solar
  • GC Partners is also acutely aware of both the early and current development of the electric vehicle (EV) market, as well as the large-scale utility energy storage systems/solutions (ESS) market.

Global Energy Crisis

  • Findings released in August 2022 stated that the Net Zero Australia Project identified that the country will need about forty times the total generation capacity of today’s national electricity market to achieve this goal by 2050, including 1,900 gigawatts (GW) of solar and 174 GW of onshore and offshore wind capacity
  • The IEA has stated that the current global energy crisis brings both new opportunities and new challenges for renewable energy. The global energy crisis has triggered unprecedented momentum behind renewables, with the world set to add as much renewable power in the next five years as it did in the past twenty.

Energy Transition

  • GC Partners has access to a vast network of the major players, and is equipped to assist various participants in the Energy Transition Value Chain achieve their individual vision
  • GC Partners is already assisting companies in the mining industry with their development and financing, companies that will be key suppliers of materials to industry
  • GC Partners is in contact with companies that are either the processors and the final end users of these materials, as well as companies developing and seeking energy technology solutions
  • GC Partners is also interested in new and innovative Climate Tech and Green Tech inventions including innovative Recycling Solutions and Carbon Capture & Storage Technologies, where it can add value through its network of key participants in supply chains based in the key distribution, technology, mining, production, manufacturing, product trading, and investment & finance centres internationally.