Corporate Finance & Advisory, International Trade & Development,
and Investor Relations

Est. 1989

Broad Experience over three decades

  • Since GC Partners establishment, we have focused on various technology innovations, developments and opportunities
  • In the 1990s this included the transition technologies for commercial use such as Mobile Cellular Phones, Satellite & Cable TV, new Software Services and the Internet
  • GC Partners, in addition to individual technologies and their development and commercialisation, was involved as funders and principals in many aspects of the product developments, customer acquisition, partnering, distribution, and the wholesale and retail aspects of these technologies
  • GC Partners also assisted clients with the commercialisation and development, sometimes as the clients’ commercial joint venture partners/shareholders, in various enterprises
  • One of GC Partners’ proprietary software solution companies won Compaq’s Software of the Year Award in 2000. Another became the backbone of a huge mobile top up enterprise, and another also became a cornerstone of a healthcare management system.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • GC Partners has a deep interest in machine learning & artificial intelligence
  • GC Partners assisted a US headquartered artificial intelligence start up in the healthcare industry with key players GC Partners identified and managed in Asia, including Tencent, leading health-check companies in mainland China, and leading Chinese VCs
  • GC Partners is aware of the huge opportunities offered by innovative products and solutions in artificial intelligence Software, Biometrics and Robotic process automation where it can add value through its network of key participants in supply chains based in the key distribution, mining, production, manufacturing, technology, product trading, and investment & finance centres internationally.